Belfast Community Watch Party—People’s Health Tribunal

Saturday 13 May




You are invited to a Community Watch Party!

Extractive corporations like Shell and Total are hurting communities around the world. Their enormous profits, which doubled in 2022 to $40 and $36billion each, come at the expense of the health and wellbeing of people living on the frontlines of extraction.

Communities across Africa are fighting back against Shell & Total extractivism. From the Niger Delta and South Africa to Mozambique and East Africa, the people of Africa are putting Shell and Total on trial.

We are coming together to watch the People’s Health Tribunal in Belfast at Queen University Lanyon Building/0G/074, focused on the health impacts of Shell and Total and African resistance against these extractive corporations. Will you join us?

Saturday 13th May | from 1 PM until 8 PM | Queen's University Belfast - Lanyon Building 0G/074

(Instructions on how to get there will be sent over email)

We’ve also made a care, accessibility and disability justice guide which would be great if you can read before the event here.

Finally, please help us share the People’s Health Tribunal launch video from twitter and instagram


Queen's University Belfast, University Rd, Belfast, BT7 1NN

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