We need your help for our Solidarity Knows No Border presence at the TUC Cost of Living Demo

Tipping Point is coordinating an Solidarity Knows No Border action at the TUC Cost of Living Crisis demo on 18th June as part of the Week of Action to End the Hostile Environment with the support of the Climate reparations coalition.

We need your help. We have 3 working groups that you can help with:

  • Team 1 Stunt team - Help at start of the demo - This team will help do a simple safe stunt near assembly point, leaflet participants and join the march (from 10am)
  • Team 2 Workshop team - Help near end of the demo - This team will help set up a workshop space near the end of demo rally point, welcome protesters and have conversation with them as well as collect data to help us follow up (from 12pm)
  • Team 3 Coms team - Help with coms plan, social media and promotion. There are roles that can done fully virtually but also we will welcome help on the day depending of your availability

Please fill in this short survey to help us plan for the day.