We Oppose the Illegal Immigration Bill—Open Letter from Climate activists

Dear Prime Minister and Home Secretary,

We are writing as members of the climate justice movement to voice our opposition to the Illegal Migration Bill, introduced in Parliament on Tuesday 7th March. As a community committed to creating a green future that is fair and equitable for all, we believe this bill is unjust, heartless, and risks violating the human rights of the most vulnerable in our society.

Recent years have seen a growth in the number of people crossing the channel in small boats to seek asylum in the UK. Making such a crossing is dangerous, and we have already seen people losing their lives making this journey. 90% of those making this crossing go on to seek asylum. The government believes that this bill will reduce the number of people entering the UK in this way, by ruling the claims of anyone entering through an unconventional route 'inadmissible' and deporting them to either their own country or a 'safe third country'. There are currently no viable alternatives for many people fleeing war and persecution, and the government has yet to propose any. Although the Homes for Ukraine Scheme has been successful in supporting thousands of Ukrainians seeking sanctuary, the Afghan Resettlement Scheme resettled a mere 22 people in the UK last year, and there are no routes for people attempting to reach the UK from most other countries.

The bill also aims to prevent anyone entering the UK through unconventional routes from accessing the UK’s modern slavery support system. This will unfairly criminalise people who are trafficked into the UK as victims of modern slavery and deny them the support they vitally need.

Successive home secretaries have stoked up hostile attitudes towards refugees by describing refugees as ‘illegal migrants’, introducing policies such as deploying vans telling people to ‘Go Home’, and attempting to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda. This, combined with anti-refugee media coverage, has contributed to recent violence at a hotel housing asylum seekers in Knowsley earlier this year. The government is also failing in its duty of care to refugees. The Manston detention centre has been shut down after it was found that people were being held there for weeks at a time in unhygienic conditions, and it recently emerged that hundreds of children have gone missing from government facilities. Vulnerable, traumatised people deserve to live in safety and dignity while their claims are processed, and the government must do more to safeguard vulnerable children.

Additionally, current government policies make it impossible for refugees to live full lives in the UK whilst their asylum claims are processed. The UK is currently the only country in Europe where it is legal to detain someone indefinitely while their claim is processed. This is an inhumane way to treat people who have suffered violence and trauma. Asylum seekers are also not allowed to work in the UK while their claim is processed, and must live on less than £7 a day; this leaves vulnerable people at risk of destitution. The number of people awaiting decisions on their asylum claims reached a record high of 166,000 in February 2023, and 110,000 people have been waiting more than 6 months for their claims to be assessed.

The UK takes fewer refugees than most European countries. In 2021, Germany received 190,500 asylum applications, France received 120,700, but the UK only received 50,000. We know that most people displaced by war or natural disasters remain close to their country of origin, meaning that many countries take on significantly higher numbers of refugees. Those that do come to the UK usually do so because they have family ties here, or speak English.

Climate change will lead to extreme weather which, as well as causing loss of life, livelihoods and homes, can result in political instability and conflict. This will increase the number of people who are forced to leave their homes, and some of them may seek to come to the UK. As a country with a historic responsibility for contributing to climate change, we must ensure that people are able to seek refuge here and that safe routes are introduced for those seeking asylum.

We call on the government to:

  • Drop the Illegal Migration Bill and all policies that seek to criminalise asylum seekers who enter the UK through unconventional routes

  • Introduce safe routes for those attempting to cross the channel to seek asylum

  • Take action to ensure the safety of children missing from hotels

  • Clear the backlog of asylum cases that has been growing since the pandemic

  • End the indefinite detention of refugees and asylum seekers

  • Allow asylum seekers the right to work while their cases are being processed

In solidarity,


Tatiana Garavito, Tipping Point UK, Care & repair lead

Raeeka Yassaie, Parents For Future Dacorum

Rhiannon Osborne, Health for a Green New Deal

Katie Williams, UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC)

Joshua Bloodworth, UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC)

Lucy Jordan, UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC)

Connie Muir, Croydon Community Energy

Scott Kirby, UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC)

Sarah McArthur, UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC)

Pia Eldergill, UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC)

Sinéad Magner, UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC)

Riya Patel, UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC)

Abi Deivanayagam, Race and Health, UK

Tarun Gidwani, South Asia Solidarity Group

Josie M, Fossil Free London

Julie Reid

Paul Hostler

David Taplin

Marian Hussenbux

Peter Gunn

Ailsa Newcombe

Amanda Cole

Tony Kennedy

John Creaser

David Evans

Lesley Bryan

Derek West

Terry Brough

Michael Rozdoba

Samantha Gibbins

Keren Barley

David Vaughan

Susan Chapman

Juan Pablo Lobo-Guerrero

Kate March

Peter Chadwick

Eve Middleron

David Southcombe

Gemma Drake

Rachel Powell

Angela Scoble

Ana Aaissbein

Alfie Burgh

Dilys McGill

Helena Robinson

Sonia Scanlon

Sara Ellis

Dr Electra Soady

Pete Etheridge

Susan Jackson

JL Angell

Ken Ilett

Matthew Gray

James Nye

Doug Lennon

Jean Churm

John Bull

Emma Jefkins

Juliet Chaplin

Mike Thomas

Dereck Prentis

Patrick Owen

Tony Martin, ACORN (Swindon) & Greenpeace

Ann Prosser

Marilyn Brown

Elliot Jenkins

Peter McKay

Tony Jenkins

Katherine Linsley, Stop Cambo

John Broome

John Cummings

Alina Oprea

carole odell

Michael Shaw

Mohammed Seghir

Joan How

Lyn Ostick

Christopher Gregory

Joe Jenkins

claire francis

Cristina Jerry

Steve Doone

David Perrow

Leslie Cunningham

Sara Seydi

Allison Rensch

Juliette Brown, Doctors XR

Pam Rosling

Laura Thomas

Angela Hoehne

Graham McGoldrick

Philip Brown

Ray Corness

Adrian Widdowson

Layla Haidrani

Emily House

Kathryn Summerfield, The Mission to Seafarers.

Sally Robinson

Stephen Briault

Caro Hall

Gillan Garland

Christine Jenkins

Zara Kingsbury Hale

Angus Brown

E Croft

Claire Hart

Marian Hussenbux

Louise Hazan, Tipping Point UK

Parus Shah

isaac marks individual

Salma Haidrani

Peter Roberts

Keith Francis

Venice van Someren

Rosalind Kent

Barbara Trauer

Richard Salsbury

Gonny Huissoon

Therese De Silva

Manaf Suleman, Youth Climate Council

Peter Pope, Transition Cambridge

Mary Robertson

Ian Brown

Vivien Evans

Sivan Halevi

Susan Christie

Gavin Lundy

Raeeka Yassaie, Parents For Future Dacorum

Gail Sirmais

Bel Evans

Ben Hull

Paola Catapano

Christopher Manley

Cat Wright

Sharon Batty

John Philpott

Brian Jimack

Stefan Davies

Sadie Ezard

Stuart Bretherton, Fuel Poverty Action

Onesmus Mulima, Act4sdgs.org

Emma Harrison Beesley

Mel Vance

Julia Famlonga

Astrid Brown

Valerie Nordberg

Lilla Mocsonoky

Chevonne Le Monnier

Jessica Martin

Stu Tomlinson

Orin Cooley-Greene, Extinction Rebellion

Louise McIntosh, Humanity

Marianne Sorrell

Mary O'Brien

Marc Rogers

Nicholas Couchman

Kaviya Selvamanickam, Stop Cambo

Geoff Pearson

Lauren MacDonald, #StopRosebank


Mary McGuiggan, Edenreagh Therapies

Jay Harrow

Tamsin Wake

Jim Annand

Monika Frontczak

William Weeks

Stephen Brown

Gordon & Norma Hinks

Jennifer Brewer

Lucii Richardson

Janet Matthews, People's Assembly

Clara Paillard, Unite the Union Grassroot Climate Justice Caucus

Catherine Hughes High Peak, Green New Deal

Steve Wilkins Kent Unite Community Branch, Campaign against Climate Change, Medway Trades Union Council

James Garner

John Cooper Brum, Climate Justice Coalition

Suami Rocha, IWGB

Claire Preston Cambs, Climate Justice Coalition

Catherine Hanley

Louise Allcoat

Laura Carolina Zanetti Domingues, XR and Global Justice Now

Jack Czauderna

Claire James, Campaign against Climate Change

Dani Esposito, Extinction Rebellion

Jeff Dawson, Bolton Socialist club, Bolton Black History Group & Wigan Diggers festival

Lee Wellstead

Greta Mattar

Romane Audéoud, StopEacop

Dave Sherry, Unite the Union & CACCTU

Tony Goodchild, Extinction Rebellion

Jane Garde, Extinction Rebellion

Pete Firmin

Ellen Robottom, Yorks and Humber Climate Justice Coalition

Nikki Dancey

Linda Oerkins

Anthony Gardm The Movement for Justice By Any Means Necessary

Zita Holbourne BARAC UK

Alice Miller

Julie Hope, Unite Community

David Bridge, Stand Up To Racism

James Lochery

Lucille Corby

Susan Penny

Barbara Gleave Extinction Rebellion

Elara Shurety Coal Action Network

Eleanor Frostick Restart

George Arthur Barnsley TUC

Rime Hadri XR

Mary Brady

Miranda Whelehan No Border in Climate Justice

Anjelica Cleaver No Borders In Climate Justice

Hally Kelly Just Stop Oil

Geoff Simpson

Peter Marinker Marinker XR

Catherine O'Rourke "Sefton Climate Action group

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Neil Tees

Jenni Morgan

Elizabeth Phillips

Leslie Anstee XR

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Andrew James Christian Climate Action

Tim Beecher

Mary Robertson Brum CJC

Peter Rutherford

Sasha Haddad

Kathy Dolan

Aislinn Hastings, Student Rebellion Leeds

Rukshana A

Melany Zarate

Denise Lysaght

Marie Willingham

Caspian Sunerton-Burl

Ben Koh

Ralph Reay Student Rebellion Leeds

Lilah McKim, Just Stop Oil

Jan Yarker XR

Jaz Corkhill

Ben Mitchell

Sylvia Godfrey

Evan Usher, Student Rebellion Leeds

Sam Townson, Greenpeace UK

Jessica Goodwin, Plant Based Unis

Georgina Wong

Lucy Brimelow, Student Rebellion

Ed Louise

Ismael Foronda

Madeleine Birchmore

Rory O'Dwyer, Student Rebellion Leeds

Emily Brewster

Paul McGowan, Chairperson, LGBT+ Socialists

Carmel Cadden, Unite Community

Ryan Clark

Lisa Hill

Ian Birch, Extinction Rebellion

Anna Marshall

Gary Freer

Suzanne Coombs

Izzy Russell, Extinction Rebellion Youth

Josephine Johnson

Rosalind Monaghan, Student Rebellion

Anna Heywood

Carol Mills, Unite Community

Charmian Goldwyn

Dwayne Thomas

Anne Litherland, Our Common home Holy Apostles and Martyrs Parish Wallasey

Tommy Hodgson

Ricky Lowes, Climate Action Plymouth

Lesley Price

M Collet

Christine Dolan

Hazel Graham

Robyn Mcsharry, Socialist Workers Party

Keenal Shah, Plant-Based Universities

Annette Roa, Medact

Mary Cahill

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Charlotte Pettett

Dylan Elks

Ruth Austen-Vincent, XR Liverpool

Henry Goodwin, Carlisle Refugee Action Group

Peter Kerr

Lauren Nightingale

Tony Dowling, North East Climate Justice Coalition

Laura Pelling

Andrea Haynes, Friends of the Earth

Erica Eden

Andrea Hughes, XR

Brenda Ashton

Adrian Edgington, Babour party

Jeremy Johnson

Richard Hamilton

Claude Fourcroy

Sylvia Wood  

Rosa Thorlby

Ian Browne

Paul Reddy

Michele Phillips

Judith Warren

wendy Micklewright

Lou Hadden, Just Stop Oil

Christine Whitworth

G Pirie, Friends of the Earth

Angela C

Nick Comrie

Angela Frewin

Maraia B

Jane Creagh-Osborne

Lynn Kennedy

Charlotte Howell, Parents Fur Future

Trudy Sellers

Brendan Cavaciuti

Charlotte Slaven

Frances Gallagher, Justice & Peace Scotland

Christine Williams

Eleanor Cosford, University of Oxford

Cristina Jerry

JM Moring, Parents for Future UK

Davina Kaur, UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC)

Robert Anderson

Lucy Parr

Richard Lane

Helen Leonard-Williams, UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC)

Pascoe Sabido, Corporate Europe Observatory

Tahir Latif, Greener Jobs Alliance

Kenneth Burgess, Green Party of England and Wales and GMB

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Graham Cox, Extinction Rebellion

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Lucy St. John

Rachelle Mesley, Parents for Future Dacorum

Sophia Pankenier, Mother's Rebellion

Sarah Burgess, Parents for futures Dacorum

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Kim Senior Parents for future

Leanne Lawrence, Parents for Future

Symra Khan

Corali Houlton, Parents For Future

Elizabeth Lee LEE

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Reinhard Huss, UBI Lab Leeds, UBI Lab Network

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Catherine Thomas


Jennifer Whiteway-Bell

Elouise Mayall, UKYCC

Sue Hampton, XR Dacorum

Natalie Meade

Peter Garbutt

Dylan Lewis-Creser Co-Chair, LGBTIQA+ Greens of England and Wales

Ben Buse, XR, JSO, IB, AR, CCA

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Tony Staunton, Campaign against Climate Change (signed in a personal capacity)

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